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Favourite genre of music: rock, pop
Favourite style of art: animated
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Alvin

My sister is :iconbrittany-psalm28-7:

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I have robbed my sister ( Brittany-Psalm28-7 ) of her music meme!

1) Open up your Music Player
2) Put it on shuffle
3) Press play
4) for each question, type in what song is playing
5) hit next for each question

1.How does the world see me?
 "Express Yourself" by the Chipettes

2. Will I have a happy life?
 "A Whole New World" from Aladdin

3. What do people really think of me?
 "Looking Through Your Eyes (Instrumental)" from Quest for Camelot
     (If you love romantic songs, I highly recommend listening to the lyric version. :love:)

4. Do people secretly lust after me?
 "Chariots of Fire" by The Chipmunks
      (????? I will never know what the answer to this question will be because Theodore left the words at home! ;))

5. How can I make myself happy?
 "Freedom '90" by The Chipmunks

6. What should I do with my life?
 "I'll Never See Him Again (Instrumental)" from Pocahontas

7. Will I ever have children?
 "On the Road" from Thumbelina

8. What is some good advice for me?
 "Hangin' Tough" by The Chipmunks

9. What do I think my current theme song is?
 "Strangers Like Me" from Tarzan by Phil Collins

10. What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
 "I'm Wishing/One Song" from Snow White

11. What song(s) will play at my funeral?
 "Prologue" from Tangled
     (This would be kinda bad to have, since this includes the Healing Incantation by Mother Gothel. :/)

12. What is my day going to be like?
 "Crocodile Rock" by The Chipmunks

13. Why am I here?
 "Tour of the Kingdom" from The Little Mermaid
     (I would love to take a tour of a kingdom!!)

14. What will people remember me for?
 "Cruella De Ville" from 101 Dalmatians
     (Oh boy! :shock:)

15. What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?
 "When You Wish upon a Star" from Pinocchio

16. Are there people outside waiting to take me away?
 "Fog Bound" from Pirates of the Caribbean
     (That makes sense, because if it is a funny farm that gives their patients excessive medication, I would be in a fog for the rest of my life.)

17. What will this year be all about?
 "Mr. Winter's Birthday" from Season 1 of Alvin and the CHipmunks

18. If you reached the top of Mount Everest, you would scream:
 "It's My Party" by The Chipettes
      (You bet that would be my party! LOL)

19. The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
 "Over the Waterfall" from Thumbelina

20. Your message to the world:
 "When We're Human" from Princess and the Frog

21. Your deepest secret:
 "Frustrated" by The Chipmunks

22. Your innermost desire:
 "Ireland" from Season 6 of The Chipmunks

23. Your oldest memory makes you think:
 "One Jump Ahead" from Aladdin

24. Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
 "What's This?" from Nightmare before Christmas
      (Haha! I doubt that will fly!)

25. When you wake up in the morning, you mutter:
 "Rock the House" by The Chipmunks
      (That sounds way too positive for me in the morning.)

26. Right now, your feelings are:
 "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from The Lion King
      (I have been feeling pretty romantic lately. :love: )

27. The day you fall in love will be the day that:
 "I Love L.A." from Season 4 of Alvin and the Chipmunks
      (Aww, no! That is not gonna happen for a long time! :( )

28. Your farewell message to the readers of this:
 "Hip to Be Square" from Season 5 of Alvin and the Chipmunks
       (:nerd: rvmp You bet it is!)

Out of the 58 songs in my Frozen playlist, not a single one showed up!! :pout: or :C Oh well...At least it was a fairly varied selection.


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